And while I’m thinking about it, Jessica Chastain. And Lasse Hallstrom for director.

Continuing the casting fantasy of my book A Coward’s Guide to Living, the pivotal role of the red-headed Reverend Rose Beecham should go to Jessica Chastain. As Beecham is described as an unusually good looking minister, Chastain is the natural choice.

Her previous roles as a gambling entrepreneur (Molly’s Game), political operative (Miss Sloane), and author (The Help), position her as perfectly suited for the demands of a minister.

And as her last role as Tammy Faye Baker was that of a minister’s wife, she can take the pulpit for real in this one.

Lasse Hallstrom would be a great director for this. His story telling in The Cider House Rules; The Shipping News; Haachi, A Dog’s Tale; and The Hundred Foot Journey, among others, points to his understanding of the human condition in all its forms.

That ship has sailed.


Timing is everything or so it’s been said. Jacob Will’s timing was not the best in the world. Nor was his best friend’s death.

But in the affairs of the heart department, Jacob’s really stunk. Deciding upon taking a job instead of love cost him dearly. And what would later prove to be the equivalent of a deep-sea salvage operation, it would be fraught with risk. Ultimately, he might discover that ship had sailed leaving him behind.  #elevenlittledeaths


There was no way for this Will, until…

In the absence of a legal will, how are the last requests of the deceased to be addressed? Would a letter be considered a will? What if that letter requests something so seemingly horrible as to make one question their own life? And what if that letter was written by someone about to take their own life?

That’s what Jacob Will (no pun intended) was faced with when his best friend left a request – that of committing eleven little deaths of his own. On paper, one death should do it, right? Why then eleven? And what was Jacob’s role in unknowingly creating his future?

And, were Jacob to do it, just how would he go about it?

That’s a lot of “ands” and “whats”. And he’s just getting started.



What do you do when you can’t get it done anymore?

For Farry Poland, that was easy – take your own life. For his best friend Jacob Will, that was never a consideration. In fact, not much was ever under consideration for him. But before Farry’s death, he laid in place a plan to be revealed only after his funeral, for Jacob to get his life together. And while the details of this plan were sketchy at best, the outcome was not. What would ensue would change his life forever.