Old Friends, Like Wine…

Throughout all of our lives there have been those who have greatly influenced us, had a genuine impact, and/or left a positive and lasting impression. During a period in my life I came to the realization that I had never photographed those individuals, those people with whom I had a strong relationship. Not so much a tribute to them, and it is, but about the effect they had on me.

It’s been said portraiture is as much about the portraitist as the subject. In each of these is a clue, a visual remnant about their impact. Sometimes it’s as lighthearted as an unzipped zipper. Others perhaps a bit more obscure, a secret between subject and photographer.

Some of these people are no longer with us. We are poorer for that. Others are no longer in the current picture of my life, but their impact remains.

There’s a cliche that says wine gets better with age. Not all wines will be to one’s taste. But these people, friends from years ago or now, like wine, have gotten better with age. Click on each photo to see the entire image.