Coming soon: The Light Inerrant

The Light Inerrant is my next book, expected to be published in late 2022 or early 2023.

Humankind was blindly screwing everything up, but no one had really taken notice of that on this typical Sunday morning. People were sleeping in, having brunch, or for the more faithful, going to church. Adam Faraday was in the first group, wakened by a call, ‘Had he seen the light go out?’ Not the lights, but light itself – everywhere, complete darkness, vanishing and returning, everyone now noticing – something. 

As the lead researcher at Aura/Sonos, he had missed it.

Faraday and his team attempt to piece together what is happening, to understand light’s behavior. Could it represent the end of humankind? Theories abounded: was this a blindness caused by a virus; aliens; something engineered by humans? More questions than answers fueled an increasing worldwide fear. Since time began, darkness was always frightening and this is still true today.

What they discover is unimaginable. What was once a theory was becoming evident – light was becoming sentient, thinking for itself with maybe its own agenda. But that was only the beginning of a new truth.