About Bruce Meisterman

Starting out as a photo-journalist, Bruce’s travels took him across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Ultimately that resulted in his first book, Arn? Narn., a photo-documentary of vanishing rural Newfoundland, published in 2012. For context of the book, the posts from the Arn? Narn. blog are being added incrementally to this site. Arn? Narn. was named Book of the Month in November 2012 by the English magazine Fly Fishing and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Click here for a video of Arn? Narn. See below for selected reviews.*

His photography has been exhibited in numerous galleries, private collections, and museums. His work has been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Country Journal, Yankee magazine, Memphis magazine, Delaware Today, and The Sun magazine among others.

Putting his cameras aside, he turned his attention to writing fiction. A Coward’s Guide to Living is the result of that work. It’s about a cowardly and fearful middle-aged man’s reluctant journey of self-discovery. Tasked by his late friend to get his act together, he finds more than he bargained for, gaining much, losing some, and learning that there is life after death.

When not writing, he can be found cycling; attempting to learn the guitar (badly); reading almost anything within reach; listening to music; discovering obscure films; and traveling. Good food and better wine fit in there somewhere too.

He has lectured at numerous colleges and universities including: University of Mississippi, University of Delaware, Tennessee Tech, Union University, Siena College, College of St. Rose, and the State University of New York among others.

Bruce is also a two-time multi-panelist at the Killer Nashville Writer’s Conference. He was also a featured author at the Southern Festival of Books.

Most recently, Bruce has been featured on the Chapter X podcast, hosted by Michael F. Kay. Michael asks the question: How would you define your core values, considering that as children, our values are usually passed down from our parents or teachers. He continues, but as adults it’s important to reconsider what we believe—and why—if we are to move closer to living a life with meaning.

​Listen to it here.

Published works include: Gateway to Aero-Science (contributor); Tennessee 24/7 (contributor); and Arn? Narn. (author/photographer); Giving Back With Purpose (contributor); A Coward’s Guide to Living (author).

Currently, he is working on a new novel.

Reviews:- Hubert O’Hearn   Leonard Gill Memphis magazine  Andrew Herd Fishing Book Reviews (United Kingdom)