No navel-gazing here.

How do you feel about where you live? Do you even think about it? Frankly, Jacob Will, the protagonist of Eleven Little Deaths, never gave it a thought and he worked in arguably the greatest city on earth.

He blindly accepted as natural the attractions and amenities the city offered almost as an entitlement – there for him should he want to avail himself of them. Self-centered might be used to describe him, but that would indicate a certain self-awareness which was non-existent. Clueless might be a better description.

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere… unless you can’t.

Like so many in this area, Jacob Will lived in New Jersey and worked in advertising in New York. If his own truths were evident to him, he would realize he was nothing but a wage slave. But that kind of realization would only come from deep introspection – something foreign to him. Yet, that was not the only thing he was unaware of.

The journey he was about to embark upon would take him places both physically and psychically with no map to guide him. Heaven won’t help him – he’s on his own.



What do you do when you can’t get it done anymore?

For Farry Poland, that was easy – take your own life. For his best friend Jacob Will, that was never a consideration. In fact, not much was ever under consideration for him. But before Farry’s death, he laid in place a plan to be revealed only after his funeral, for Jacob to get his life together. And while the details of this plan were sketchy at best, the outcome was not. What would ensue would change his life forever.