What would you do?

No one has ever experienced anything like it before and certainly not as a collective entity. But that’s all about to change. The upheavals will affect everything, nothing will remain the same.

When faced with this, governments, clergy, media, and scientists will be confronted with a situation for which none are prepared, putting them at odds with each other as a new reality sets in.

Hold on. It’s going to be awhile before anyone starts to see the light.

Eleven Little Deaths

Most people start their morning off with a cup of coffee; his started with a funeral. And it went downhill from there, until it got better. Much better.

Jacob Will’s best friend died, by his own hand, but not before leaving instructions on what to do with his life. And if he did, nothing would ever be the same. Thank God!

Many miles will have been traveled before Jacob discovers there is life after death.