[Sub]urban Cigar

[Sub]urban Cigar had a longer than usual gestation period. The original idea was born around 1990 but took until 2014 to come to fruition. As with many ideas, it went through a number of metamorphoses before its final realization. What is pictured here is a tableau, a metaphor for a relationship gone south, with fits and starts of imagined freedom, only to discover nothing is really as it seems.

This is the first body of work in color I’ve produced other than editorial content. The psychology of color is entirely different than that of black and white photography. While both can be evocative, color is far more emotional in contrast to black and white’s cerebral center. Color puts it all out there while black and white is more subtle in its delivery.

I would like to thank Hunter, Britt, and Bobby for their participation and patience in this production.

The images are in order, left to right. However, in another order, they would tell an entirely different story. This is [Sub]urban Cigar today.

Disclaimer: No cigars were hurt or injured during the production of this, unless smoking counts.