What would you do if…

Exactly. It’s like what your parents might have said, “If someone told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?”

And as a child not wanting to upset their mother or father, the answer would probably be a sheepish “no.”

But what happens when your best friend leaves a deathbed wish for you to commit eleven little deaths… of your own. You. Not someone else. And it’s all legal.

What would you do? And why?

That ship has sailed.


Timing is everything or so it’s been said. Jacob Will’s timing was not the best in the world. Nor was his best friend’s death.

But in the affairs of the heart department, Jacob’s really stunk. Deciding upon taking a job instead of love cost him dearly. And what would later prove to be the equivalent of a deep-sea salvage operation, it would be fraught with risk. Ultimately, he might discover that ship had sailed leaving him behind.  #elevenlittledeaths


Losing his religion… if he’d had any to begin with.

Jacob Will was never big on religion, not that he wasn’t exposed to it. At some point, it didn’t “take.” Maybe it was the glut of televangelists on TV that turned him off. So going into a church for his best friend’s funeral was not high on his list, bucket or otherwise.

And a conversation with the minister afterwards was completely unexpected. What made it more so was the life-altering effect it was to have on him.

Had he given it any thought, the lyrics from an R.E.M. song, Losing My Religion might have resonated with him.

A friend’s influence can last forever.