Throughout our careers, we will probably wear several hats and I’m no exception. The one underlying theme in mine has been the need to create. And while those hats have changed, it wasn’t due to fashion, but more of a need to express myself in different ways.

Before turning to writing, I worked as a photographer. My work has been featured in such publications as the New York Times, New Beauty magazine, Yankee magazine, Delaware Today, and the Sun magazine and has been exhibited in numerous galleries, collections, and museums.

Moving from photography to writing was not much of a jump as I was an award-winning copywriter during my time in advertising. That transition was realized by the publication of my book  Arn? Narn. It was a marriage of images and words. It explores the disappearance of rural life in Newfoundland. One benefit of that move was the realization a laptop was a lot lighter than a bagful of cameras.

In May, 2022, my first book of fiction A Coward’s Guide to Living was published. It is a coming-of-middle-age story that addresses the self-imposed obstacles in our lives that keep us from growing.

My newest book, The Light Inerrant is now available through Amazon or Novel

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