Eleven Little Deaths Soundtrack

Throughout Eleven Little Deaths protagonist Jacob Will’s life, music had played an influential role. His father played the music which becomes a reflection of Jacob’s thoughts and/or moods. Quite catholic in scope, it makes for an interesting soundtrack to the story. Richard Thompson‘s ’52 Vincent Black Lightning is just one of the pieces of music […]

No navel-gazing here.

How do you feel about where you live? Do you even think about it? Frankly, Jacob Will, the protagonist of Eleven Little Deaths, never gave it a thought and he worked in arguably the greatest city on earth. He blindly accepted as natural the attractions and amenities the city offered almost as an entitlement – […]

It starts like this:

Most people start their morning off with a cup of coffee; Jacob Will’s started with a funeral. And it went downhill from there, until it got better. Much better. His best friend died, by his own hand, but not before leaving instructions on what Jacob needed to do with his life. And if he followed […]