Follow the yellow brick road. Yeahhh, just which one are you referring to?

“Follow the yellow brick road,” was the advice given to Dorothy, as if she had anyone else who could have guided her. And it came from the Munchkins of all people.

That sounds an awful lot like what we’re being told to today by less august beings than the aforementioned Munchkins. Too many people are suggesting we go down this road, or that one, each purportedly to be the right one. Who are we to believe? The Tin Man? The Cowardly Lion? The Scarecrow? The sad truth may be, like those three, no really knows which road to follow. Consequently, there are too many people blindly following what may, in the end, turn out to be the wrong road. So again, who is to be believed?

Go ahead, put your answer here_________.

Why not, it’s as good as any, right? At this time, the best advice may be to use your common sense, not your wishes. After an increasingly longer time of isolation, it’s natural to want to escape. But to where? There are no clear road signs to get out of this situation and until there are, be careful. So, stay off the roads and keep it simple… this is an adventure none of us asked to be on. And when this is all over, feel free to follow your own yellow brick road, or polka dot road, or whatever road you choose. Just remember to wash your hands. Keep your adventure yours.