All light has disappeared, plunging the world into total darkness. No light can be seen, no stars and no sun, no electrical light, no reflections, nothing. As suddenly as light vanished, it returns. But it then starts disappearing with an alarming frequency creating growing unrest. 

Humankind has always held a fear of the dark and now with good reason. Without light, crops can’t grow. People can’t see where they are and where they’re going. Protests and riots start breaking out around the planet as the search for an answer to light’s behavior dominates everything. Amid government, media, televangelists, and science, there are those who would seek to capitalize on this phenomenon for their own gain.

It will take Adam Faraday and his research team at Aura/Sonos to determine what is happening, and what he discovers is light is becoming sentient and that’s only the beginning.

This is the premise of my new book, The Light Inerrant.

The book is available for order at: or on Amazon.