Eleven Little Deaths Soundtrack

Throughout Eleven Little Deaths protagonist Jacob Will’s life, music had played an influential role. His father played the music which becomes a reflection of Jacob’s thoughts and/or moods. Quite catholic in scope, it makes for an interesting soundtrack to the story. Richard Thompson‘s ’52 Vincent Black Lightning is just one of the pieces of music […]

Now where’s that photo with the, the, you know…

Even though there are many photographs to print, some are revealing themselves to be keepers right off the bat; others, ehhh, not so much. So the editing starts while I’m still printing. That should make things easier at the end, right? Not so fast, Bucko! Some become instant favorites while others are quickly relegated to […]

“If the devil will take her…”

Living Planet, St. Johns, NFLDĀ  It’s all about the music – the only “weapons” in this picture are musical instruments. Imagine driving around for several thousand miles in silence. You could sing to yourself – that’s an option but one that runs out of novelty real fast. You could also play license plates by yourself […]

Man Cave by the sea.

New Year’s Eve in a shanty sounds a lot worse than it really is. Shanty doesn’t have the same connotation in rural Newfoundland as it does in the States. A shanty is the small building/house/cabin on the coast used by fishermen as a residence when going to and coming from the sea. It is for […]