Running off at the mouth.

Yesterday I entered the digital age. Now that is not to say I don’t shoot my photography digitally or I don’t know how to surf the internet. I do on both accounts and I think fairly well. To date, my encounters with media for the Arn? Narn. PR push, have been of the more traditional […]

The damned awful, most sorrowful part of this trip…

A very famous, overpaid (but ungrateful) sports commentator was asked about the best part of his now-over job with ESPN. His too-quick response was “Seeing it in the rear-view mirror”! Obviously, things didn’t go too well for him there. Not to worry though, both he and ESPN have gone on to greater things. Bye Newfoundland! […]

There’s a fjord in your future.

There used to be only the Big Three automakers – Ford, GM, and Chrysler. That was it. None of the others that populate our driveways today were in sight back then. Life it seems was much simpler then. This is a Ford. So imagine my surprise when I heard about fjords. I was certain some […]

Shooting without a license or a clue.

The moment of truth had arrived. Not the result of downing an uncounted number of Jager shots; nor the facing of a mildly enraged bull. No, those pale in comparison. With camera in hand and way too many rolls of film, I venture out to start what I came up here for… taking photographs. But, […]