Are those tears or just rain?

Leaving home for parts unknown, it would have been hard for Jacob Will to discern whether or not it was rain or tears of grief that distorted his vision. Whatever they were. the road ahead was blurred by them. Not a particularly auspicious beginning as he drove through the Watchung mountains of New Jersey. (Mountains indeed.)IMG_0920

Leaving New Jersey and New York – for what?

To a lot of people, the idea of leaving the greater NYC area would be anathema. Why? That’s a good question.

But if the only way to find your way home, or in life, is to leave, then that’s not such a difficult decision. And if it’s true, that wherever you go your issues are still with you, what must you do in order to answer that questions?

For Jacob Will, it’s simple – Eleven Little Deaths, all his. All he has to do is hit the road and pray it doesn’t hit back.

A most valuable tool when writing Eleven Little Deaths…

There are countless writing tools available with more being added daily. However, when plotting out Eleven Little Deaths, there was one resource I used daily – a Rand McNally road atlas of the United States. Instead of using an outline or note cards, the atlas served literally as my road map for the protagonist, Jacob Will.

I’ve been to many of the places portrayed in the book and now (oh, the horror!) must visit the others, just to close the circle on this. Over the course of future posts, I’ll write a bit about each place to provide more of a flavor of what Jacob has experienced. I’m hoping not to offend any Chambers of Commerce while doing so. Maybe an invite to each location, a promise of the key to each city, and luxe lodging might favorably affect such a description.