Put the bottle down and step away from the wall.


After hours on the road in his attempt to commit eleven little deaths of his own, Jacob Will stopped at the first liquor store he found. Not so much to quench his thirst or to imbibe, but upon a realization, he was determined to commit the first of these deaths right then.

But did he have to buy such an expensive bottle of Champagne to do it? More importantly, what did he do with it if not drink it? And what happened afterwards?


Say “no” to the map or where the hell do you go when you don’t know where you’re going in the first place?

And where do you go when you’ve been instructed not to use any maps, GPS, and if you’re inclined to make a right turn, go left instead?

That’s the conundrum facing Jacob Will as he embarks on a life-changing journey. In one sense, he’s been held back from the school of hard knocks his entire life. But now, school is open and his graduation is in doubt.

Are those tears or just rain?

Leaving home for parts unknown, it would have been hard for Jacob Will to discern whether or not it was rain or tears of grief that distorted his vision. Whatever they were. the road ahead was blurred by them. Not a particularly auspicious beginning as he drove through the Watchung mountains of New Jersey. (Mountains indeed.)IMG_0920