Thistle and Bee

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Thistle and Bee offers a two-year residential program designed to address the needs of women desiring to exit sex trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Women live in a home setting where they have daily opportunities to practice community living as they heal from histories of physical, emotional, and sexual trauma.

The stories of these women are horrific. But they are ones that need telling. They did not ask for this life. It was nothing they aspired to. It was thrust forcefully upon them. The cost to them is far greater than we would imagine. The cost to society, deprived of what these women might have become had they not been subjected to this abuse, is immeasurable. However, there is hope for them at Thistle and Bee.

What the women at Thistle and Bee are doing is nothing short of courageous. The road back is not short, not easy, and not without pitfalls, but the rewards are certainly worth it.

I have been asked to write their stories so they may be shared with others. Periodically, I will publish them on this website’s blog. Simultaneously, they will also be available on the Thistle and Bee website.