How did I get here?

Sometime during this, my second trip to Newfoundland, I mused upon the events that led me there. Having previously written about how this whole idea came about, this is not to be a rehashing of that. I’ll probably indulge myself to do so though at some future time begging one’s patience. It’s also not how […]

“If the devil will take her…”

Living Planet, St. Johns, NFLDĀ  It’s all about the music – the only “weapons” in this picture are musical instruments. Imagine driving around for several thousand miles in silence. You could sing to yourself – that’s an option but one that runs out of novelty real fast. You could also play license plates by yourself […]

Moose vs. World

If you’re a bicyclist, you know that in a match-up of rider vs. car, the car always wins. However, in the Newfoundland game of anything vs. moose, the moose almost always wins. These things are (sorry, Mr. Trump) HUGE! At the shoulder they are 6-7 feet high. Add the neck, head, and antlers, and well, […]

Man Cave by the sea.

New Year’s Eve in a shanty sounds a lot worse than it really is. Shanty doesn’t have the same connotation in rural Newfoundland as it does in the States. A shanty is the small building/house/cabin on the coast used by fishermen as a residence when going to and coming from the sea. It is for […]

“We’re not fulltime stupid.” Really?

One of the small pleasures in traveling is watching local television. Usually it’s some buffoonish weatherman trying out material for his audition reel. Other times it can be just the silliness of a marble-mouthed reporter unable to pronounce the name of a perp or a foreign town. That said, I’ve nothing to say about Newfoundland […]

Lobsters and a screw cap.

On the western coast of Newfoundland, I drive through such towns as Cow Head, Sally’s Cove, Three Mile Rock, (not to be confused with the atomic town in Pennsylvania), and Spudgels Cove. (Who was Spudgels that he was important enough to have a cove named after him?) Each one of these has it’s own personality […]

Screeches in the night…doobie doobie doo.

There’s a saying that goes, “If you remember Woodstock, you probably weren’t there.” Now, I won’t say I don’t remember my first night in Newfoundland, I do, but there are one or two things I’m uncertain about. Well, only one thing. And that’s becoming an Honorary Newfoundlander. How does one go about that you say? […]

Do you have a flag?

The very funny, British comedian Eddie Izzard does a wonderful bit about imperialism. In it, he talks about invading countries taking over foreign lands. It seems that if the occupied country has no flag, then it is fair game for the invaders. Thankfully for Newfoundland, it has a flag and a unique one it is. […]