Adam Driver? Really?

When writing a book, it’s hard not to imagine who, if cast in a movie of it, would play the lead. Jacob Will, the protagonist in my new book A Coward’s Guide to Living, is a complex and flawed individual. I can’t think of a better or more appropriate actor than Adam Driver to portray him.

Driver is an actor of uncanny ability whose range and physical attributes make him perfect for this role. There’s no need for a Kylo Ren version of Jacob. The role that most closely resembles that is his portrayal of the eponymous Paterson in Jim Jarmusch’s film Paterson. Here he plays a poetry writing bus driver in, where else, Paterson, New Jersey. His character’s observances of life around him indicate a very savvy and aware actor, perfect for the role of Jacob Will.

So, Hollywood, that’s my two cents. What do you think?

Note to Steven Spielberg: it’s available at Amazon.

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