Arn? Narn.

Several weeks ago, I had set a goal of reaching a certain number of followers/subscribers to this blog in order to help promote my new photography book. When that goal was reached, I would award a free, signed copy of my book “Arn? Narn.” after its publication to one lucky subscriber.

That goal has been met, actually exceeded. And the person who won is Jennifer from… drumroll please… appropriately enough, Newfoundland! Congratulations Jennifer!

  No, this is not Jennifer.             (Winners of a lottery –

Jennifer is also quite a good blogger and those interested in her work can read it at: . I strongly recommend it.

I will also be setting another subscriber goal for my blog and will award yet another book in the near future. But for now, Jennifer will be the recipient of one of the first copies of “Arn? Narn.”

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