Inconvenience store.

As I’ve written earlier, traveling by car in Newfoundland is quite different from the US. I learned earlier that there is a proclivity for really unique types of chips on that road. (See the “You want chips with that?” post from November, 2011.) I also learned that one won’t find coffee easily while traveling on the roads unless on the Trans Canadian Highway where Tim Horton’s usually reigns supreme.

And so it was I found myself in search of a much-needed jolt of caffeine to keep me from running off the road and making an unannounced visit to some moose’s abode. Once you get off the highway onto the less than beaten paths, you might run into a general store or a convenience-type store if you’re lucky and I use the word “convenience” guardedly.

One such emporium I found was called “Last Chance Convenience”. It appeared that it might have just what I was looking for. But the sign on the front made me think twice about that: “Last Chance” – probably; “Convenience” – questionable.

This is what the sign said:


Store Hours

Mon-Tue: 1-5PM  7-10PM

Wed, 1-5, 6-8

Thurs-Fri, 1-5, 7-10

Sat, 10-12, 1-5, 7-10

Sun, 2-5, 7-9

Judging from the posted hours, meal breaks figured prominently into the work schedule, along with appeared to be a long and late breakfast. But that was not the only sign on the building. On the door was a “Sorry – We’re Closed” sign. It didn’t matter to that sign I was there during “open hours.” It hung there in mute defiance, mocking me and oblivious to my petty needs. It was obvious that this would not be my last chance at caffeinated happiness, but it wasn’t about to be a convenient one.

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