You want chips with that?

Newfoundland is not like anywhere else. That’s a good thing. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it’s big – 41,000 square miles of cod-loving goodness. And traveling around the province in the small outports, one can get a real flavor for the island. But try and get something to eat and you’ll find the options limited, some familiar and some perhaps a bit odd. (My favorite was the industrial strength, chocolate-covered graham cracker cookies that stayed fresh for many days and miles.)

First of all, there are no small villages/towns with neighborhood Starbucks. If you walk into a small local grocery store, you likely will not find coffee: soda, yes; coffee, no.  That seems to be reserved for the TCH (Trans Canadian Highway) rest stops. And then, it’s usually Tim Horton’s. In real life, Tim was a hockey player in the NHL, playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, NY Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Buffalo Sabres. After he retired, he founded Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts which ARE infinitely better than DD, in my opinion and they open real early.

Photo – C.Meisterman

So you can’t get coffee off the beaten track which most of Newfoundland is… off the beaten track. But it seems you can always get chips of some sort. Wondrous, fantastical, otherworldly chips . One could feast all day on heart-arresting fare such as Fromage Mordant; Sweet Chili Heat (sort of sounds like a South American dancer!); Roast Chicken chips; Ketchup chips(!); Habanero chips; Chili Cheese Lime chips; Dill Pickle chips; Honey Mustard chips; Doritos 1st Degree Burn Blazin’ Jalapeno chips; Smoky Bacon chips; the punk-rock sounding Blair’s Death Rain (my favorite name) chips of various flavors – the name is enough to make one reconsider their own mortality; and one I won’t be trying next time I’m up there – Fries and Gravy chips! Actually, they might be pretty good.

So no coffee, but chips…as far as the eye can see.

1 thought on “You want chips with that?”

  1. Chips > Coffee. Why, you ask? Because it’s harder to make a good chip at home than a good cup of joe. And it takes longer.

    Also, fries and gravy chips sound delicious! Thanks for the tip.


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