Cod almighty!

A one cent postal stamp.

This is the biggest fish story ever and it’s all true. Really. For over 500 years, cod reigned supreme in Newfoundland. Cod was so plentiful that it was thought that it would never run out. This fish was what the Newfoundland economy was based upon. It, as much as the sea, informed the culture.

And inform it, it did! Commerce for sure, music, comedy (the Codco comedy troupe), art, food (the number of things one can do with cod are staggering, see below, as are some of the ways it’s prepared!), the postal service, and currency (cod as actual currency, then as the coins and paper we’re used to. I’m not sure you would want to keep much of the original stuff in your wallet on a warm day though.). Coins were called by their value: a 25 cent coin was a 25 cent piece. Question: if a coin had a cod on it, could it be called a … oh, you fill in the blank. Postage denominations were varied as were the illustrations. There was of course the requisite cod as well as seals (the cute ones), dogs, various other now dead, possibly famous people, and naturally, the queen. Whether or not they all ate cod is up for debate, but one thing is certain: the cod had as respected a place in Newfoundland as the queen. If they did eat cod, the following may have been on their plates for Sunday dinner.

This could be called a tongue and cheek statement, but it’s really a recipe for cod tongues and cheeks. The cheeks and tongues are considered the most delicate part of the fish and simple to prepare after separating them from the cod proper. They are dragged through corn meal and then fried. Mmmm, good eating. Have them with a side of scrunchions too. Y’s b’y!

1 thought on “Cod almighty!”

  1. Hey Bruce, Do they serve up authentic fish & chips in Newfoundland?
    You know, the way it has been done in UK for generations – big pieces of flakey Cod battered up and fried golden brown with a bunch of fries served up on yesterday’s newspaper. A liberal dash of malt vinegar makes it even better.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.


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