Does anybody really know what time it is? (Does anybody really care?) – Thanks to Chicago.

Good question…especially if you’re going to Newfoundland. I had always been under the impression (wrongly it seems) that time zones were in one hour increments. Consequently, I initially had a difficult time reconciling what time it was at home and what time it was in Newfoundland. What I was calculating in time differences was just not working out.

There is a very simple reason: Newfoundland has its’ own time zone and it’s on the half hour. If you’re in New York, then Newfoundland is 1.5 hours ahead of you, (it’s ahead in a lot of things.)

And trying to remember that in planning (from afar) kept things interesting. When calling my new photographer friend, I had to make sure that I either did not call him at lunch, or early in the evening, or after he closed because I couldn’t remember that little fact. Small, but frustrating. Also when I did finally get there, I had to make sure I accounted for the 2.5 hour difference between there and home. Nothing like calling at a time you think is early only to find out it’s much earlier than from where you’re calling. I think should have gotten one of those watches that tells time in multiple time zones.

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