Really… you can’t get there from here and if you could…when?

Well, you can get there from here but it was going to take a circuitous route to accomplish it. One can drive there if in a questionable state of mind. Get on the highway east through the South, north into the mid-Atlantic states up to New England and then to Nova Scotia. Once there, an eight hour (or over-night) ferry must be taken to Newfoundland. The total distance is just over 2,100 miles – driving alone is probably four and a half days complete with ferry ride. Nah, I’d fly.

On the net to find flights, I found there weren’t that many choices available. My flight would consist of four legs – Memphis to Detroit; Detroit to Montreal; Montreal to Halifax; OK, this getting a little silly, and then finally Halifax to St. Johns, ColNewfoundland.  You know, maybe driving wouldn’t be so bad after all. Nah, I’d fly. Now the question is when?

From my research, I knew that the tourist season was from late May-early June until September. And it did look awfully beautiful. But travelogue beauty or tourists wandering aimlessly into my photos were not what I was looking for. I was seeking isolation and that meant WINTER! (As I wrote earlier about the camera bag, I was also going to need appropriate clothing.)

Winters are long in Newfoundland; cold but not Minnesota cold. Each year, there are often days colder in Memphis, TN than there. But they do get a lot of snow. And fog. And it is cold. And windy on the coast. So, that certainly seemed to make sense – winter it was.

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