Oh no! My shoes don’t match the bag!

Everyone knows travel has become increasingly difficult. I wouldn’t be surprised that if before long, you’ll have to stand before a painted silhouette of a person to make sure you’re tall enough to board your flight.

The logistics of traveling with a large amount of photographic equipment presented its own unique issues. It’s not a good idea to send it through with your luggage – you might not ever see it again or worse, have to claim it at an airport in Wyoming. How does one carry that much on the plane? Nothing I had would accomplish its safe passage to Newfoundland. I needed a special case that would hold four cameras, many lenses and accessories. (I had already determined I would ship the tripod ahead along with film.) Oh, and it had to fit either under the seat or in the bulkhead. Yeah, right.

Looking back, I can’t believe the amount of research I did on camera bags: a bag or case that would meet my peculiar requirements. A back pack might have worked, but then I’d be spending the whole trip at a chiropractor. A soft bag would not work either. Going online showed me the ridiculous number of choices in styles, colors and sizes available. I knew what kind of planes I’d be on, so I could find the maximum sizes allowed. This enabled me to narrow down the choices quickly. Finally I made my choice – a rolling bag with handle, cleverly disguised to look like real luggage that would actually hold everything and fit in the plane.

Next: clothing because even if my shoes didn’t match my new bag, at least I’d be warm.

1 thought on “Oh no! My shoes don’t match the bag!”

  1. Newfoundland has always piqued my interest and curiosity for what I imagine is Newfoundland’s remoteness and uniqueness -plus thoroughly enjoying Annie Prolux’s Shipping News. I look forward to Arn Narn and going to Newfoundland via Bruce’s photographs.


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