Henrietta’s Hospitality Home, Betty’s Patch, and not a Motel 6 to be found and that’s not a bad thing.

There is absolutely no shortage of places to stay (in addition to the side of the road as mentioned in the previous entry) while in Newfoundland. The names of these places oftentimes reflect the Newfoundland culture and history. Try these on: the Exploits Motel (fill in your own blanks here); House on the Tickle; At Wit’s End; Fishing Point B&B; and The Bear Sleeps Inn (not in my room!).

And where you stay depends on your desire or peculiar needs. You want something luxe? You got it. How about something quaint? That too. What about an authentic fisherman’s cabin? Yup. Camping? Uh huh.

What about someone’s spare room? You know the one…where the son or daughter, aunt or uncle, grandparent, used to live? Oh, yeah. This is not to sound demeaning or disparaging. Rather it speaks to the resourcefulness of Newfoundlanders. They are more than happy to share their homes with complete strangers for a reasonably small fee. It’ll probably even include breakfast.

Let me amend that. That speaks to the natural generosity of Newfoundlanders. One place in which I stayed, asked me that when I came back off the ferry from an island I was visiting, would I like to stay there on my return as their guest! And that included breakfast and a happy hour with wine. This is the nature of Newfoundlanders and I’ll write much more on this in subsequent entries. In the meantime, I’m thinking the Tickle Inn might be a cool place to stay.

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