In which our intrepid hero reaches out…

Confession – I didn’t know anyone in Newfoundland, much less anyone who ever went there. I needed someone whose feet were on the ground with whom I could bounce ideas off of and ask numerous yet probably meaningless questions.

Back to the internet and a search for photographers in Newfoundland. And there were more than a few. Who to choose? Throwing a psychic dart was as good as any other method and toss it I did.

It fortuitously landed on a photographer who has since become a friend and a guide to all things Newfoundland. Screwing up my courage, I dialed his number and asked to speak with him. With typical Newfoundland hospitality (more on this in later entries), he answered all my questions and agreed to help me with any new ones. It was likely more than he bargained for. He was also amenable to meeting when I eventually got there.

Without his and his wife’s guidance, I might still be wading about in bogs evading a rutting moose. From his direction, I learned that I better ship (thank you FedEx!) my film up there as there was no source for the amount I needed. That alone made him a very valuable connection. He also suggested I not drive out in the countryside at night as those same moose can prove to be impediments to a cars’ forward progress. I would like to think he was just responding to a fellow photographer, but it was more likely the Newfoundland temperament.

So, one friend made and many miles to go before I even start to shoot. And now comes what was really a fun part, I had to figure out the logistics of a two week trip where I wouldn’t spend more than two nights in any location.

The learning curve was about to begin.

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